Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ragnar Funaholics Continued

Are you enjoying your new road to fitness and fun with your family? 
Don’t postpone your fun.  Now is the time to prepare....

Week 2 Training Schedule:


Monday:  15 min. walk/run

Tuesday:  rest or crosstrain

Wednesday:  15 min walk/run

Thursday:  rest or crosstrain

Friday:  15 min walk/run

Saturday:  rest or crosstrain


Monday:  run 3 miles

Tuesday:  run 4 miles

Wedesday:  run 3 miles

Thursday:  run 4 miles

Friday:  run 3 miles

Saturday:  run 6 miles

Of course, we all rest on Sunday

I am posting a picture of some log books that you can buy to keep track of your runs. 
They can be found at some running centers, and most bookstores.

If you haven’t weighed yourself or taken starting pictures it isn’t too late.  Do it this week!

Also, remember it is helpful to record your daily runs.  See last week’s message for ideas of what to include in your log.

The following is a list of RUNNERS for our Ragnar teams.  Please email me asap if any of it isn’t correct.  We are forming the teams this week.  We can make some changes if needed but we are excited to get organized and get firm commitments from our runners.
If you aren’t listed and want to run please email us.  We are happy to add you to the list.
We will talk about VOLUNTEERS next week.  FYI, we registered seven teams.

The order is random and means nothing as far as teams go:

Kirk Bitton
Laurel Bitton
Randy Gunthrie
Jessica Bitton
Megan Bitton
Nicole Bitton
Kendall Bitton
Mary Lee King
Maddie King
Derek King
Dee Bankhead
P.J. Harrigan
Nathan Nalder
Mike Moss
Nathan Baker
Matt Baker
Alan Hinckley
Adam Nalder
Delaney Nalder
Chay Moss
Stephanie Nalder
Heather Baker
Dan Pesetto
Jenny Pesetto
Nile Griffiths
Jason Griffiths
Jonathan Griffiths
Jen Griffiths
Carolyn Maddox
Emily Daher
Caitlyn Evett
Brent Bankhead
Christian Bankhead
Spencer Bankhead
Samuel Bankhead
Laurice Bankhead
John Firth
Michelle Firth
Justin Firth
Ryan Firth
Jason Firth
Tyler Firth
Bri Firth
Matt Woll
Sarah Woll
Amber Woll
Michael McLaughlin
Lamond Vidinhar
David Odle
Britton Odle
Colton Odle
Jackson Odle
Marina Rodin
Rhonda Berdinner
Gay McLaughlin
David George
Bobby Moon
Linda Moon
Adam Moon
Nancy George
Madeline George
Nathan Hale
Stephen Hale
Holly Hale
Nancy Hale
Liz Bingham
Logan Stark (Does anyone have Logan’s information?)
Jessica Speirs
Kennedy Speirs
Bonnie Casperson
Travis Casperson
Cherilyn Bird
Brady Bird
Jeff Hardy
LuAnn Hardy
Finlinsons (3)
Bryon Talbot
Justin Anderson
Lance Stokes
Chris Scothern
Tyler Stokes
Dee Jay Bankhead
Melissa Rich
Ryan Rich

anyone else?

Please email us with questions at
Next week we will have teams posted!

Happy Running!

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